OtterBox Strada – Modern & classic style with OtterBox protection

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OtterBox: the name is synonymous with unrivaled protection. OtterBox is the number 1 protection brand in the world for your mobile phone. If you want to protect your phone, you should look at getting an OtterBox.

Over the years OtterBox has slimmed down their cases. The Defender was the “original” OtterBox, followed by the slimmer Commuter Series. Just over two years ago, OtterBox introduced an ever slimmer series called Symmetry. Now we have a new name to add to their collection: Strada.


The Strada Series of cases is a departure from the regular OtterBox cases that we know. OtterBox has combined their Certified Drop+ Protection with a folio design to give us a seamless and timeless case. Modern and classic style with OtterBox protection is a win-win for consumers.

The case portion of the Strada is a combination of TPU and polycarbonate to allow shock absorption and a give a strong structural design. The leather on the back and front cover of the folio is genuine Italian. The leather portion of the case wraps from front to back, seamlessly. The leather is also stitched into the case portion of the Strada. Very high quality. There is a magnetic latch that holds the folio closed or open. It gives a very satisfying “click” when used. The case also had a “lay on table” design, so you can put it face down, with the cover open, and your phone will still be raised above the flat surface you put it on.

On the inside there is a single card slot for either a payment card or cash. To keep the slim design of the Strada, OtterBox has opted for only one of these slots. The inside cover is also lined with a micro fibre to protect your screen.


The buttons on either side of the case give a satisfying and tactile feedback when used. Everything lines up where it should and allows you to still use your charger and headphones.

Putting your phone into the OtterBox Strada is very easy, due to the flexible TPU that is used. It’s a tight fit, but at least you know your phone is protected.

If you’re looking to step up your game, when it comes to case designs and protection, then the OtterBox Strada is the best combination of these features. Slim, quality craftsmanship and elegant with time-tested protection.


The OtterBox Strada series is available for the Apple iPhone 6/6s and Samsung Galaxy S6. Colours include: Black, Maroon and Brown. MSRPs range from $49.99 to $59.95.