Pokémon GO & MiPow – a perfect pair!

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“Gotta catch ‘em all!” That’s Pokemon Go’s tagline for their new addictive and interactive game that is available for Android and iOS. This past summer we’ve seen a surge of all sorts of people playing the game. The game uses augmented reality, which is a way of overlaying digital information on top of real world surroundings. You see the full picture by looking through the camera on your smart phone. As well, the game uses your phone’s GPS to tag your surrounding and gets you to move around in the real world. This results in a lot of physical movement, interaction with other players and crowds of people gathered at local park and hot-spots (seriously, go search on YouTube)

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RAVPower 20100mAh Portable Battery Pack

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One of my favourite categories of mobile accessories is portable power. There are so many choices these days depending on what you need. From small chap-stick sized power tubes to large bricks that are designed for travelers. Some models have cables built-in, while others will allow you to power an entire MacBook or multiple devices at the same time. Today we’ll be taking a look at the RAVPower 20100mAh portable battery pack.

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Zolt Laptop Charger Plus Review – Compact and Powerful

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Please note: I meant to post this review back in late January but I’ve been very busy. Sorry.

I received my Zolt Laptop Charger back on December 9th of 2015. I wanted to give it a really good testing, before writing this review. I’m happy to say that it has met and exceeded all of my expectations.

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Portable Power Choices #MiPow #PureGear #JustMobile #Tylt

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Up until 3 years ago there weren’t a lot of choices for portable power. When people needed to charge their mobile, they would find the nearest plug-in or plug into their vehicle’s CLA. Well now there’s all sorts of choices! Why limit your movement when you can get a stylish and functional portable power charger and have power on the go!

In this post we’ll outline the portable power choices that Cesium offers and what makes each brand and model different from the others.

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