BOOMBOTIX – Acoustics for Life in Motion

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Cesium  is pleased to introduce you to BOOMBOTIX

The BOOMBOTIX mission has been to design innovative, high-quality and ultra-portable audio for life in motion. They have opened the doors for those who love to bike, skateboard, snowboard and live life on-the-go to listen to music freely without sacrificing their safety. They pride themselves on innovation, creativity, and providing high quality products for consumers at affordable price points.

REX in Woodgrain

Each of the four Boombotix Bluetooth speaker line-ups (Boombot Mini, Rex, Pro and the Bass Station) offer their own unique advantages while being visually appealing, and light at the touch.  In the overly saturated category of portable speakers, it’s always nice to come across something that is unique in design and has tremendous value when it comes to sound quality.

So what sets the Boombotix speakers apart from everyone else?

The speakers, with their eye-catching look and unique design are distinctive to their category. On the inside is a lithium ion battery that will supply 6 to 8 hours of playback, whereas on the outside you will find power, play and volume controls. There is a micro USB port for charging (cable supplied).

The rugged built-in clip on the back of the speaker is a great value-added feature. It allows you to attach the speaker to your clothing or backpack. As it is rugged and very tight, there is no need to worry about losing your speaker.

The speakers are weather resistant, so this makes it the perfect speaker for on-the-go, camping, outdoor excursions, etc. Quick charging is another key feature of these speakers; they only take 1 hour to fully charge.

Boombotix has truly succeeded in creating an amazing portable audio experience.